i am able to ping to other systems but i am not able 2 share even though every t

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    preetam.esposted 8 years ago

    i am able to ping to other systems but i am not able 2 share even though every thing is correct

    my network was infected with "Generic Host Process For Win32 Services Encountered A Problem and needs to close."  which was not allowing me 2 connect 2 internet & 2 the network  after running the file called generihosterrorproblem.bat i was able 2 connect 2 internet but not 2 network ...i am able to ping to other systems in the network but not able 2 share any of them :-(

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    Mordib27posted 8 years ago

    Well first you should definitely make sure your PC is clean of all viruses, you dont want that bug to reappear and infect anything else on your network. I have faith in a program called Malware bytes, http://www.malwarebytes.org/.

    Download, install and then disconnect from internet and run scan, if it finds things clean them at the end. Stay disconnected and reboot machine and run scan again to make sure it got everything.

    Try your network afterwards. I found that after having some network issues that certain machines were missing a file called msvcr71.dll, go to your c:\windows\system32 and look for it in the files there. If you dont, a working machine will have it and you can just copy it top a thumbdrive and paste it to the system32 location.

    Alos you might want to make sure you have share permissions, network discovery, etc. on depending on what OS you are using.

    Hope this helps