Can we see/hear a sample of your DVD, "Hear God Speak"?

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    BL Tweenposted 8 years ago

    Can we see/hear a sample of your DVD, "Hear God Speak"?

    Because I know we are spiritual  beings and that Satan was the director of Music in heaven, I personally am very cautious about what I read, watch and especially listen to. 
    I have issues as to what exactly would be visually displayed as well as the music itself. Perhaps you might consider allowing a demo of the actual DVD.

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    "Hear God Speak"posted 8 years ago

    Sorry it took me so long to respond to your question.  But if you go to the opening page of our website you can hear the opening song "Whatcha Gonna Do"...this will give you some idea of the relevance, intensity and lyric content that is just one of 18 songs inside Hear God Speak.  We cannot allow the "video/visualizations" portion to be streamed because the Lord recommends it be seen only by mature adults (minimum 20 years of age) and obviously "anyone" can visit the site online.

    If you are questioning my faith or relationship with God...I do understand, but if you go through my website pages, you can read my written Bio and view my video-resume, I think you will then see who I am and recognize the sacrifice and obstacles I have made to get to this point to reveal this truly "life-changing" experience, called "Hear God Speak" (availabe in DVD or Video-on-Demand for only $9.95).   

    If you have further questions, I would be glad to answer them personally at this email address:

    God Bless, and thank you for asking this important question.  OI hope you will not miss out on this opportunity because of any fears or doubts.  Trust in God to lead you and you'll be fine.  I understand this is an out-of-the-box approach but the times are such that God is extending his hand to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

    Allen Petrowski (Co-creator of Hear God Speak)