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ive created my blog , i have banners an content. now what ??

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    sitngojoeposted 8 years ago

    ive created my blog , i have banners an content. now what ??

    i am totally learning as i go. is there a step by step guide for making a blog successful. things like linking to other sites submitting to blog catalogs. i guess what i need is a list of all things to do, such as submitting my blog, linking , pinging. those types of things. there is so many answers when i ask this on google. i just need a basic. MUST do list. so as i start adding more content , it reaches who im trying to reach.

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    kateb123posted 8 years ago

    Are you talking about writing on Hubpages or on another blogging program? If you're interested in just straight blogging, no ads or any other HTML content, I would use Wordpress. If you're looking to add on more, have a very customizable layout and include ads (so you can make money) I would recommend Blogger. In terms of Hubpages, you'll want to go under "Help" and look at their guides. I found them very helpful.

    The key to having a blog is to having new content constantly. You need to keep posting all the time. Even every other day if you can. That way when people come back, they see new material and are more likely to come back again. Adding tags to your posts means its more likely you'll show up in searches on sites like Google. Also, make sure that you share your posts on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Most blogs have the option to share on those sites after you've made a post.

    I hope that helps you out a bit! Happy Blogging!

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    dimitri.inglezosposted 7 years ago

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    bettanywireposted 7 years ago

    Just add more content in it it is the very basic then try link building to in order to have many quality baclkinks since it is very helpful for the popularity of your blog.