What is MLM marketing?

  1. JYOTI KOTHARI profile image68
    JYOTI KOTHARIposted 7 years ago

    What is MLM marketing?

  2. Kavitamartin12 profile image55
    Kavitamartin12posted 7 years ago

    Multi level marketing, also known as referral level or network marketing, offers you a a commission not only for your own product sales, but also for the sales of those you recommend for the program.


  3. billcoton profile image59
    billcotonposted 5 years ago

    MLM stands for Multi Level Market also known as Network Marketing or Direct Selling, the company has a product, but does not sell the product, this is done by distributors.

    The company does not recruit the distributors, this is done by the existing distributors, and the company rewards the distributor for their efforts by paying them a bonus, this is normally a percentage of the combined sales from that persons team.

    MLM marketing to me means the methods that you use to generate leads for your business, this can be done offline and on-line, ideally you would have a blog, and you would offer something of value to the visitor to your site.

    You would then use a combination of on-line and offline methods to get traffic to your site.