I MAC 27 inch Problems?

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    hulaboy808posted 7 years ago

    I MAC 27 inch Problems?

    OK i am going to buy an Imac 27 Inch next month,, now does any one have one, and can tell me about any problmes, it has,, with the screen, or if it runs slow, or if it freezes,, any problems, also good stuff about it,,, i really dont' want to wast my money buying another stupid comptuer,,, Thanks

  2. Jason Payne profile image60
    Jason Payneposted 7 years ago

    I do not own one, but from what I understand when they first released the 27 inch there were some problems.  They have since fixed those issues.  Make sure you get Apple Care.  My friend had his iMac replaced with a newer better version because he had the same problem twice.