How should I get traffic to a bookmarking website?

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    howtoguruposted 7 years ago

    How should I get traffic to a bookmarking website?

    I'm trying twitter but with 250 followers, it seems as if I get filtered out.  My website is  It has been live for about 3 weeks but it only has about 20 members.  I am in the process of being approved by addthis to have my site added to their list.  Also, I have written a hub about my site.  Read it for more details if you need them.  It is revenue sharing, easy to get to the front page, etc., and I have added as much value to the site as possible, including do-follow links, but still little success.  Any ideas?

  2. David Stone profile image74
    David Stoneposted 7 years ago

    Plenty. You need to get on more sites with more members. Long time shared sites like Digg, Xomba and She Told Me will also share revenue. They also have no objection to your posting links to your hubs. Red Gage is an interesting and new up and comer.

    You can find plenty of others in the Addthis drop down menu. Join a few you feel comfortable with. I especially like Digg and Xomba, just because they're easy and have members who read. I would suggest, in addition to Twitter, you post everything to Facebook and ask your friends to share with their friends. You end up with new contacts and, hopefully, many back links.

    Finally, and most importantly, get involved in the sites you post to. Establish some friends and comment thoughtfully on their links and in forums. Xomba even as a chat feature. All these things help others get to know and like you. If you are writing good, original material that others like to read, you'll do fine. But be patient too. You can't build a presence overnight. Creating an ad and affiliate based business takes time, and there are few shortcuts.

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