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What constitutes a good SEO analysis report?

  1. net4gains profile image60
    net4gainsposted 7 years ago

    What constitutes a good SEO analysis report?

    What should be included in initial SEO review once you have URL of website to be optimized?

  2. jamesroy11143 profile image60
    jamesroy11143posted 7 years ago

    The report must have atleast the following things:

    1- Analysis of keywords(competition, search volume etc)
    2- On-page Status( URL, inner page URL, Content, images, and proper use of H1 etc)
    3- Initial status of website( position etc)


  3. anna20 profile image61
    anna20posted 7 years ago

    Choose a url in which one or two keyword are included. Then it will be easy to rank on that keyword. It will take less time to get  the site rank on that keyword.

  4. naijenni profile image55
    naijenniposted 7 years ago

    Hook up with Google Analytics.

    You can pull up pretty much any report from:

    No of visitors to which was the most popular keyword entered by the users to enter the site to the exit pages on your website and heaps more.