Many times when I log into HubPages I get this screen and was wondering if there

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  1. Just Ask Susan profile image93
    Just Ask Susanposted 8 years ago

    Many times when I log into HubPages I get this screen and was wondering if there is anything I...

    can do to prevent this from happening. Does anyone else have this problem? It happens on both Internet explorer and google chrome.

  2. profile image0
    Tech Updatesposted 8 years ago

    This screen comes due to the reason of slow site server or slow internet connection. some time site server may be down so page could not loaded properly.
    But site server is down  in very rare. if u face this problem mostly then it may be your browser problem, uninstall it and install a fresh copy of browser again, restart your computer once and use it. i hope by doing this your problem will be solved, if not then tell me what browser u used.

  3. Just Ask Susan profile image93
    Just Ask Susanposted 8 years ago

    Thank you Tech Updates. I was wondering if it was due to a slow internet connection. My son is usually playing on his PS3 whenever this happens to me. Glad to know that it is not a problem with the computer itself now.

  4. Wayne Brown profile image83
    Wayne Brownposted 8 years ago

    It depends on where you are logging in from.  If you come in on mobile, you will see the last screen you looked at. Coming in from a desktop, you should get the HubPages screen after sign on..if not, check your preference settings. WB

  5. profile image0
    Amie Warrenposted 8 years ago

    I use Firefox and Iron (Chrome clone). I find that for some reason, I have a hard time with pages loading very slowly here with FF sometimes. I generally use the Iron browser here, and it solves the problem.

    I also find it depends on what time of day you come in here. Sometimes it's bad around 7-7:30 EST. I guess people are home, have had supper, and are getting online. Also bad around lunch time. Try to avoid those hours.

  6. Valeed profile image75
    Valeedposted 8 years ago

    I do face such a problem when I login to hubpages. Its just due to the slow internet connection because I experienced the same problem for other sites also.

  7. profile image0
    Butch Newsposted 8 years ago

    Looks like a browser problem to me.

    I can no longer use FireFox 3.6 because a recent Windows update and Vaio Care changed my registry permanently and widgets will no longer load in FireFox 3.6 but I downloaded Firefox 4 Beta and things work fine though it's slower than Firefox 3.6

    Firefox announced 21 Jan that Skye has permanently damaged 30,000 Firefox browsers that have the Skype toolbar.  Remove and reload Firefox if you have the Skype toolbar.  Skype toolbar will no longer be available in Firefox 3.6

    Be sure to shut down or do a disk clean and defragment your computer from time to time.

    Select START, ALL PROGRAMS, select ACCESSORIES and look for them.

    A disk clean can sometimes remove temporary files so be sure to have important files backed up.

  8. profile image0
    frantiicposted 8 years ago

    This could be a router issue. Poorly performing routers often throw away or drop connections.

    This problem is caused by the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) not loading properly. While this is possibly (though VERY unlikely) a server-side issue with HubPages, it is usually a router issue.

    Cheap routers have slower processors, and while the cute young geek in your local neighborhood or the GeekSquad representative may tell you that they're all the same and that the higher priced routers are a scam. This is not true.

    If you have more than 1 connected device to a router that you paid less than $40 for, you will most definitely have connection issues, especially with browsers like Chrome and Firefox that open up more simultaneous connections than Internet Explorer.

    There is likely no problems with your browser as others have suggested. This is not true, and if it was the case, it would be a critical bug that would have been fixed before it hit your desktop (or you would see a patch in days).

  9. profile image0
    deepakkumaarrposted 8 years ago

    this is because your net speed is slow or you have lot of history and cookies try to clear your web history and etc...

    this solve your problem

  10. simplymoneyboy profile image60
    simplymoneyboyposted 8 years ago

    The Problem is, the CSS not Loading. So Probably, your internet explorer problem, they always do some crappy updates, which makes some files not to load properly.

    This is Not the Problem of Computer.


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