What is the best ereader to get?

  1. Zaiden Jace profile image70
    Zaiden Jaceposted 7 years ago

    What is the best ereader to get?

  2. triplehsd profile image61
    triplehsdposted 7 years ago

    Me personally, the Barnes and Noble 'Nook'. Check it out on their website.

  3. Crewman6 profile image75
    Crewman6posted 7 years ago

    I have the eBookwise reader, a primitive reader that still has some zip; I've got the Kindle... and I have a tablet netbook.  Of the three, I prefer the Kindle for it's long battery life and clean screen.  It's currently got over a thousand books in it. (Many free older books are available, some directly from Amazon!)  I like the Kindle better than the nook, mainly due to it's faster page turns.  Nothing kills the moment like having to wait for the screen to refresh.
    All that said, I like my netbook for it's versatility.  With it, I can read using Kindle for PC... or watch movies, play music, cruise the internet, play Runescape, or... write a hub :^)

    ... Oh, and the eBookwise reader?  I like its touchscreen, and backlight for reading in bed.  And the pages turn like lightning.  All excellent features. 
    It's all about what your needs are.  But for pure ebook enjoyability, I choose Kindle.