What is the best and lightest e-book reader you have personally used?

  1. visionandfocus profile image71
    visionandfocusposted 5 years ago

    What is the best and lightest e-book reader you have personally used?

    How much did it cost? Are you happy with it?


  2. PatriciaTL profile image85
    PatriciaTLposted 5 years ago

    I have the smaller version of the Nook.  Although I received it as a gift, I think it cost around $99.  It's very light and easy to use.  You can even adjust the size of the font. The major drawback that I have found is the fact that approximately 3 pages on the Nook equal one page in the hard copy; it seems that all I do is "turn" virtual pages. Although it certainly is easy to take the Nook along when traveling rather than figure out how to pack several books, I still prefer reading an actual book in traditional fashion over reading via an e-reader.

  3. Marc Rohde profile image70
    Marc Rohdeposted 5 years ago

    For the lightest deadicated reader I have used the Kindle Keyboard and really like it for outdoor reading.  I think the one I bought was around $99 a couple years ago.

    I also have a Kindle Fire (last years model) and love it because it works not only with books but magazines and other media formats (like movies).  It is a great with a low cost and most functions of a tablet and you can get one new for $199.

    As far as light is concerned, I acutally do quite a bit of reading on the Kindle app on my Android phone.  Since I am carring it with me anyway I would say the weight of the eReader function is 0.0 ounces.  smile  The down side is that it is rather small but you get easy "bite size" pages on the phone.

    Across the board I like having Kindle compatibility since I do most purchases on Amazon and the Whispersync allows me to sync to the last page read on all devices.