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CAn INDIA become a SUPER POWER in the future??

  1. viplove09may profile image68
    viplove09mayposted 7 years ago

    CAn INDIA become a SUPER POWER in the future??

  2. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 7 years ago

    hopefully not. india is one of the few countries that actually scare me. i know many people from there and they are awsome people but they aren't of the higher caste either. india's need to be powerful is caused partially by those who concider themselves to be of a higher caste and human rights are irrelevant to them.

  3. viplove09may profile image68
    viplove09mayposted 7 years ago

    Hey dude it seems that you hate indians if these is the case then you should come to india to see its culture..........
    we indians never murder foreigners or harrass them bcos thy are from different countries,
    we indians are more talented then u bloody bastereds we have the guts to take your job in your own country nd if you have more then ur then come to India we would see....

    and India to become Super Power  nobody can stop us....
    if any country is dare then just attack us we would show them what we are upto......
    just like Pakistan we could burried them in minutes but we respect huminaty thats why you are now able to see country as Pakistan

  4. tinfoil profile image58
    tinfoilposted 7 years ago

    India has the capability, but internal problems like corruption in high governmental & corporate seats and impractical social conceptions make rocketing your country to superpower status... hard.

    A college friend of mine recently came back from a study abroad program in India, and she mentioned that certain ridiculous-sounding social ideas are totally ruining your superpower prospects.

    Men in India (apparently - forgive me if she's making things up)  think that the concept of design is "unmanly," leading to the technical field being a hackjob of stringing things together, and that the Indian people generally have this attitude that "good enough" is all to aspire to, and that everything is fine and you can leave it there if it's "good enough."

    She found that the technical Indian equivalent of "good enough" is the epitome of below average in the US professional field.

  5. taazakhabar profile image60
    taazakhabarposted 5 years ago

    India has the potential and the prospect. Just like a generator is capable of producing electricity but is practically useless unless you switch it on. India too needs --to manage its human resources, great-- ordinary citizens, politicians, generals and statesmen instead of leaders. Only then it can become and remain a great country. Otherwise we have the example of erstwhile USSR - how it got split up.

    At the time of Independence in 1947 -- world war II had just got over. What was the condition of Japan or Germany? Had anyone heard of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and many such third world countries which were nowhere on the map or global economic horizon.  But in the last 65 years look at where many of them are today and where we are?

    The main issue is that we have never had the kind of people who said yes we can and we will work to make India great. No country can be great without great people