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When choosing a computer to buy, what is the most crucial thing to YOU? and Why?

  1. Kwazzy profile image58
    Kwazzyposted 7 years ago

    When choosing a computer to buy, what is the most crucial thing to YOU? and Why?

    Just curious to see what you look for when buying a computer or building one yourself? Do you have a preference on AMD? Intel?

  2. Tomygun profile image75
    Tomygunposted 7 years ago

    Both processors AMD and Intel work fine for me. When choosing a PC, first I have to decide what I would do with it - games, movies, work, programming, photoshop, design programs and so on and so forth. Then according to my requirements I would be looking for the proper parameters computer. The manufacturer is also important - I would prefer Dell, Lenovo, Apple. The guarantee period should be also taken into account. The price is also very important. The most important are parameters, manufacturer and price.

  3. earnings33 profile image39
    earnings33posted 7 years ago

    When i buy any computer i see the specs of that particular computer. The motherboard, processor, ram, DVD/CD/Combo/Super Drive as well as casing of CPU. These are the main things to focus on while buying a computer. I will prefer Intel. The well known company. INTEL board will be preferred.

  4. Stigma31 profile image65
    Stigma31posted 7 years ago


    Processor is the most important, check this hub.

  5. cecil.bryce profile image52
    cecil.bryceposted 7 years ago

    When choosing a computer to buy the most crucial thing should be value for dollar.

    While it seems important to some to have the best of the best; whether it be the processor (type or speed) and others a logo (dell, apple, ibm, intel, etc.) the most logical thing is the value for dollar.

    To me it is not prudent to empty my bank account for any apple product when they can be emulated using a pc configuration (google hackintosh for more details) or pay extra for a graphics card I don't need for business use.

    A guarantee is pointless in my view as the majority systems will be out benchmarked before the hardware starts failing on you.

    Tomygun is right about one thing; deciding the use for the system. Do a little researching on what will fill that need at a the right cost!

    To summarize I feel it is crucial to do a little research and get the best value for dollar on the system that fits your needs best.

  6. The Fanboy profile image60
    The Fanboyposted 7 years ago

    First ask yourself what you'll be using it for, e.g. buying a high-end Intel i7 PC is a waste of money if all you'll be doing is surfing the net and downloading emails in which case an affordable netbook or nettop would do just fine.

  7. profile image82
    RichBestposted 7 years ago

    AMD is often actually faster than Intel. You can also unlock its cores to make it even faster. Intel, on the other hand, is compatible with most, if not all, applications and games designed for Windows while AMD may encounter problems with some.

    When you've decided which processor to choose, it may be time to consider what kind of monitors to buy, is it a widescreen one, 3D-capable one or what other kind? Whatever it is, you may want to consider these: http://hubpages.com/t/23ffdb smile

    Good luck 2 u! smile