The IP address for nokia 3110c

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    mugieabbeyposted 7 years ago

    The IP address for nokia 3110c

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    viplove09mayposted 7 years ago

    Sharing PC INTERNET to your Cellphone Via Bluetooth
    Step 1
    First create a new acces point:
    Go to - Tools > Settings > Connection > Access points > Options > Create new access point
    Name the access point anything you wish. In my case I called it Bluetooth, but you name it as you want since the connection name doesn't matter, unlike GnuBox.
    Connection Name > Bluetooth (Or anything else you want. Be careful, Connection Name and Access Point Name are different things)
    Data Bearer > Packet Data
    Access Point name > internet (smart user kasi ako, paki try nalang po sa globe)
    Leave others on default then go to Options > Advanced settings.
    On the proxy server address enter and 1234 as the proxy port number. Now press back two times to exit and save the new access point.
    Step 2
    Installation on the phone
    On the folder that you extracted \Hiisi1.6.3\Hiisi\bin there are Hiisi.jar and Hiisi.jad.
    Copy both files to the root of your MMC or phone memory, doesn't matter how you get the files to your phone, via usb or bluetooth, is important that both files are in the same directory for proper installation.

    Step 3
    Configuring the server on PC
    First we need to know the COM port used by your bluetooth.
    In my case is COM11 under BlueSoleil 2.1.3 Release. In the main panel of BlueSoleil go to My Services > Properties > Serial Port A.
    For default Windows XP SP2 and Vista drivers ,You can go to Control Panel > Bluetooth Devices > COM Ports tab.
    Step 4
    now extract the attachment and seach Pihatonttu.cmd
    then right click and edit it with notepad.
    you willl see a code like
    start javaw -Djava.library.path=. -cp .\lib\comm.jar;.\lib\jdic.jar;.\class Pihatonttu.PihatonttuMain COM7 null
    now look for for your bluetooth serial COM port number and edit the that underlined COM7 with your COM port.(please always use port number below 10.if all your COM ports below 10 in use,try to uninstall Nokia PC suit like softwares.)
    Step 5
    now Pair your mobile device with bluesoleil or windows default bluetooth drivers...

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    venedictposted 4 years ago

    Do you mean the network IP address?You can access internet through your Nokia 3110C and visit and know the public IP address.