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How often the Google bot comes to check hubs? Once a day or once a week, or once

  1. softhard profile image60
    softhardposted 6 years ago

    How often the Google bot comes to check hubs? Once a day or once a week, or once a month ?

  2. maruthirp profile image61
    maruthirpposted 6 years ago

    That depends on the popularity of the hubs. Most popular hubs may be crawled more than once a day and moderately popular hubs are crawled once a day and others are crawled once a day or more. Crawling will be based only on google's priority on hubs.

  3. allmytricks profile image59
    allmytricksposted 6 years ago

    It depends on the keywords you are using; how many times these keywords are getting used to search for something. This is it. The more times these keywords are in the search box, the more time your hubs are getting crawled. It has no relation with your hub's popularity, votes, or blah blah. The popularity may count when it comes to the point of ranking on the search results page.

    Actually, the bots don't read your hub like we do. They read the HTML of your hub. Hence, your title has H2 tag and your hub body has H3 tag; this is why these two things are only needed to get crawled by a google bot.

    On the other hand, it sometimes depends on the backlinks your hubs have. Because, the bots surf the web from link to link. Well, It's not always necessary also. Because, when you set a category for your hub, it ultimately works as a redirecting link for your hubs. And if you put up summary, then it gets crawled at a high rate. Because, hubpages use your hub summary to catch the attention of search engine bots.

    Your hubs to get crawled, must have a minimum of 1% keyword density. Trust me, they are getting crawled everyday. wink

  4. whoisbid profile image78
    whoisbidposted 6 years ago

    I don't think we can answer this because we cannot see our Hub Statistics in this way. On the positive side (if you are interested in crawler frequency and if you have a website and are updating it several times a day) you can see GoogleBot crawling it frequently during the day. Those of us who have lots of different sites know that crawler habits vary according to different criteria on the site.
    GoogleBot can also be controlled if you know how to code your site i.e. it can be told where to go and where not to go. If you have a big website with lots of contributors and you don't want GoogleBot to pay much attention to certain pages but you want others to get more crawls then you can use the robot.txt or some other methods. If someone needs help there are websites that teach how to code for these things. Normally the pages linked from your index page will get the most visitors.

    Normally GoogleBot will immediately crawl the links on your index page (home page) so be sure that if you want certain things in your site to be crawled often and "seen" by Google that they appear on your home page e.g. index.html etc

  5. profile image48
    crazyabtabsposted 6 years ago

    This depends on many factors like quality of content, no.of quality High PR back links for your hub. You can also use pinging service to ping your hub as well as back links to force Google to visit your website. Read my hub on Linklicious. It is a very good pinging tool.