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  1. whoisbid profile image77
    whoisbidposted 6 years ago

    Google Websites and Blogs

    I have been looking after several different kinds of internet property for the owners, even some that is older than Google itself. This year I have seen all kinds of changes in traffic to those websites. Some websites are doing better and some are doing far worse. I don't believe that this wave of drastic algorithm changes is over and have a feeling that it is going to get worse before the end of the year. OK- I just made a prediction. I predict that it is going to get far worse before 2012. What do you think? Today is Sept. 9th 2011. We can always come back here to see who was right

  2. Aya Katz profile image82
    Aya Katzposted 6 years ago

    I have no idea. My feeling is that Google must have some reason for creating all this instability. I mean, let's face it, whatever the algorithm is, changing it always creates confusion. Changing it very frequently means even more confusion. When people don't know what to expect, they panic, because they cannot plan ahead. I don't think this has specifically to do with spammers and trying to cut down on spamming, but it might be a reaction to how the economic climate has affected Google's earnings. I do think the algorithm will change a couple of more times this year. For the worse, though, implies that there are winners and losers. I'm not sure anyone is winning. So I'm not sure it can get any worse.

  3. supplies expert profile image60
    supplies expertposted 6 years ago

    Well, I agree with Aya on this one, but to play devil's advocate, are SEO employees actually losing? Maybe the companies in which these employees work for are losing but for the employees they're winning. These SEO employees become more valuable every time Google makes a change, because these companies need these SEO employees to optimize their search results. So if you think about it, without Google making these changes, SEO can be totally automated. Since they change their algorithm it creates a need for these employees to figure out how to optimize their websites all over again which then creates the need for these employees. Without Google changing their algorithm I think there would be a lesser need for SEO employees, so if I were an SEO marketer I'd be kind of happy Google keeps on changing their algorithm.