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Facebook v Google+ what's the difference?

  1. jimmythejock profile image86
    jimmythejockposted 6 years ago

    Facebook v Google+ what's the difference?

    I would love to see a hub comparing them, I am sure it would be a great source of traffic and earnings for the author

  2. profile image0
    Indigitalposted 6 years ago

    Google+ comes with "circles" where you can place your friends in categories. Google+ has a better interface (in my opinion) my easier to find things & much more receptive. Facebook has inboxing, where you can message friends when they're not online. Facebook's also been going for longer, so it naturally has more cool stuff to do.

    Google+ will either run for a bit, then fail - or grow higher, beating Facebook. I'm uncertain what'll happen, only for now, Google+ is Facebook's new main competitor.

  3. whoisbid profile image75
    whoisbidposted 6 years ago

    Facebook is more of a closed network. They don't want another company to know everything going on inside of it. Google + is being spidered by the Google search engine like crazy and so it is more open to the public.
    Facebook has become popular because of a remarkable idea. Google + is becoming popular because it seems they are trying to copy Facebook's original idea and bring attention to it by using a backlink from a Page Rank 10 Web Page (the Google Home Page) which has a huge arrow telling people to join.

  4. Island Tropical profile image61
    Island Tropicalposted 6 years ago

    I have been to Google+ and there is no way to make friends or even join group, it is just like a network which you will need to invite your own friend to join you. Facebook is great, and their new features really help us to share our content to more people, try 'who you with' feature, it is really fantastic, when you post an updates your friend's friends on facebook will see it, kind like twitter, really powerful tool for marketers.

  5. powerofknowledge1 profile image58
    powerofknowledge1posted 6 years ago

    Facebook and Google+ both are same face of a coin in the race of Social Media Networking Sites. Facebook is the older one with respect to Google+.  Both have many features common like:

    1. There is no dislike button in both of them.
    2. There is video calling facility in both the sites. Facebook has Skype and Google+ has Hangout.

    In Facebook you can add your friends and even in Google+ too you can add your friends. But Google+ has "Circles". So you can categorize your friends and relatives in Circles. This is the only difference between Google+ and Facebook.

    Still Google+ is the Beta Version available in the market. Google+ is officially not open for everyone. For Google+ account you need an invitation.

    This is my Google+ reference id


    This is all about my own experience.