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Traditional light bulbs V energy saving light bulbs

  1. jimmythejock profile image88
    jimmythejockposted 5 years ago

    Traditional light bulbs V energy saving light bulbs

    Why do we have to change?

  2. KikiCobain profile image66
    KikiCobainposted 5 years ago

    I guess it makes sense to save the amount of energy being consumed, thus saving the environment but i find that the energy saving light bulbs tend to have an effect on my mood. I can relax in a well lit room, lit by traditional light bulbs as opposed to when i am in my room, which has an energy saving light bulb, i feel a little down.

  3. Jerrico Usher profile image57
    Jerrico Usherposted 5 years ago

    In reality the savings aren't as good as they'd like you to think- yes you get a brighter light with less wattage so it's a good thing, but the actual savings are negligible (like 100.00 a year).

    I like the energy saving bulbs, however, because they don't get hot (safety factor) like normal light bulbs of say 100 watts, 60 watts, or even 40 watts (refrigerator bulbs, lava lamps etc...).

    If you find the right ones with the "natural light" color it's a much brighter, rather clearer- i.e. not yellow or white against the contrast of your room, but rather closer to daylight feel without the UV rays...

    I bought a lamp with one of these (and have yet to find another one like it) that is 25 watts but brighter than a 100 watt light bulb and again doesn't get super hot (I have a kid on the way so safety is entering more so into my consciousness)

  4. drspaniel profile image90
    drspanielposted 5 years ago

    Of course as KikiCobain explained, it is to save the environment and to make more energy available, but from this we see that we have to use dull, saddening alternatives which barely even light up a room. We might as well go back to candles and lanterns....

  5. PDXBuys profile image74
    PDXBuysposted 5 years ago

    Yes, energy saving fluorescent bulbs will save a small amount of energy, but they also contain mercury which is one of the most toxic elements around.  It can cause severe birth defects.  If there are billions of used bulbs going into the waste stream,it is very likely that this mercury will eventually contaminate ground water.  Although the bulbs should be treated as hazardous waste, most people will just dump them in regular trash.  My electric bill is the lowest of all my bills.  I don't even notice the savings anyway.  In addition the heat output of an incandescent bulb is actually a benefit in colder areas.  I remember warming my hands over a hot lamp bulb when I was a kid surviving an Oregon winter!  As others have stated, there are global problems far, far more serious than light bulbs...

  6. lindsays5624 profile image35
    lindsays5624posted 5 years ago

    This has got to be an easy one. The energy saving light bulb saves energy and the environment!!