Are There Any New Solar Panels Being Developed?

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    PhoenixVposted 5 years ago

    Are There Any New Solar Panels Being Developed?

    How can solar panels turn sunlight into electricity? Are there any new types or more efficient types of solar panels being currently developed? How Do Solar Panels Work Exactly?

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    days leaperposted 5 years ago

    Don't know how they work But, With consumerism, Some of the profit from the last big thing goes some way to research the next.  A must for people who don't want to be left behind by Progress.  So, most likely research goes on -and on...

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    uksolarpanelsposted 5 years ago

    About how solar panels work:

    Solar panels are devices that convert light into electricity, that is, produce electricity thanks to solar light. Solar panels are called “solar” because they use sunlight most of the time (although they also work when is cloudy). Some scientists also call them “photovoltaics” which mean, basically, “light-electricity”.

    Solar panels consist in a group of solar cells - photovoltaic cells or simply PV-, joined together in arrays or solar panels. Solar panels are usually installed over the roof of the houses, as this is the best place for them to be: all their surface is exposed to the light.

    And if there are new types or more efficient ones, I can say "yes, there are". Solar industry is in constant development. As an example, I can say new 3D solar photovoltaic panels are being developed currently. This is innovative system will let a building to generate, at least, the 300% of the energy with a typical solar panel, as sunlight would keep hitting their surface during all the day, although the sun is moving.

    Check this out if you are interested in reading more about 3D solar panels.

    This site is also a good place to keep up to date on the solar sector. Have a look wink

    Hope it helps!