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What can you say about the Google Nexus 7 tablet? Can it beat the Apple and Amaz

  1. prettydarkhorse profile image64
    prettydarkhorseposted 5 years ago

    What can you say about the Google Nexus 7 tablet? Can it beat the Apple and Amazon Kindle fire?

    The Google Nexus 7 will be available soon and it is a competition of the Amazon Kindle fire and the Apple ipad. It is seven in. and 12 ounces in diameter plus it boasts of a much much better HD screen.

    Do you think the people will buy it? If you have ipad already, will you switch to it? The initial offering is cheaper, 199 USD and is available mid July 2012.

  2. James McCullough profile image72
    James McCulloughposted 5 years ago

    I don't think people will switch from an iPad to the Nexus 7, but I am sure people will buy it instead of an iPad based on the price alone, and the size. The 7" screen will make it easier to read an eBook on, and may be better for viewing videos. If it can be sold internationally, it will do much better than the Kindle Fire which is limited to the US. I don't think it can overcome the iPad mainly because so many of them have been sold already and a lot of people have bought into that content universe already (music, movies, apps). It can be a solid number two as long as the hardware performs as expected. It may not have as many apps as an iPad, but the developers will start moving over once there is one main device to develop for instead of the multiple devices that are running Android right now.

    The biggest question mark is whether Microsoft's Surface tablet shows up on time and can compete, and what the next version of the Amazon Kindle will be when it is released.

  3. iefox5 profile image57
    iefox5posted 5 years ago

    Apple is dominating the tablet industry now so it is not easy to beat it with only one model. Anyway, Amazon Kindle Fire is not so attractive if compared with Google Nexus 7.

  4. thedigger profile image60
    thediggerposted 5 years ago

    Its very difficult for google to beat the Apple. Apple is the brand in the market. Google marketing strategy and work are best in the field of internet and same way google should promote its Nexus tablet. Anyways all the best to Google its coming products.