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How would you promote a new app-type website?

  1. WritingPrompts profile image74
    WritingPromptsposted 5 years ago

    How would you promote a new app-type website?

    I've been working on a new website, which is also kind of like an app (more than a standard website).  There isn't a lot of room for SEO type stuff.  But I know I need to get the word out about the website.  I tried Facebook (half a dozen friends showed up once - no one else shared it) and Twitter (got a whole dozen clicks from that announcement), and even wrote an ebook and gave it away on Smashwords.  Still, there has been very little traffic and I'm looking for more ideas of where to let people know about my new website.  It's a tool for writers with writer's block.

  2. news2cash profile image60
    news2cashposted 5 years ago

    Promote as a tool. Use analogies of other tools used in cooking and/or construction or other field. Is there a free version so users can learn the tool then a pro or premium version? Are you being creative with your search for authors? Any testimonials yet? Any thoughts on converting your book for kindle and letting amazon help you get your book out to authors writers etc. There are multiple ways to research and apply strategies across all the major social networking sites. Target, stories, testimonials, reach and expansion. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, stumbleupon, hubpages, etc, Your research is key try searching google for the term "sites to help with writers block". Look for blogs you can comment on. Use Quantcast to check traffic stats for which ones you want to comment on first. Create layered campaigns for growth, think about multilingual potential. Joint Venture with Instructors, bloggers, other webmasters etc

  3. paul otieno profile image60
    paul otienoposted 5 years ago

    That's awesome I mean to develop a website which also acts as an app in itself almost seems like trying to kill two birds with one stone.In most cases a website is developed to promote a particularly stunning app which almost always is a stand alone product,Still your approach is brilliant and all there is now is for you to take your promotion campaign further by leveraging on the other existing methods including first,promoting your website through the number one traffic source which is still basicaly search traffic so a good homework with keywords is never hurtful.Two through social media  and don't just be content with the obvious ones eg facebook and twitter but do yearn for those that promote viral marketing such as Youtube:create the right Youtube clip and aim to bulid a strong brand traffic volume by maintaining a Youtube account.Third conduct a press release to gain media buzz,fourth contact relevant  blogsites and target specific print media eg magazines and tabloids and you will be good to go.

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    Jennifer Angelposted 5 years ago

    The best way, is to blog about it. Work of Mouth is usually the only  one true source for success. You could offer a $5 gift card to one of your friends who blogs about your new app as an incentive to get the word out. You could also hire people like me, who do general hubbing about gadgets and gizmos for about the same as listed above.

    Another good source is to plant your link on sites like Techrepublic ask for feedback on your product and see if you get live guru's to actually visit the site.

    You also should post it on facebook to writing for dollars and a bunch of other writer links after joining their sites in order to get the movement going towards your site.

    Make sure, you have a cool color scheme because as I writer myself,  I hate to go to writing sites which offer only black and white colors. While they are standard in our fields, it gets monotonous! 

    I also have an ezine site, which you may want to open yourself in order to promote your app.

    Have you tried selling it to a major company? Write a sales pitch and see if you can become the next Internet app sensation.