How long does it usually take for Google to pick up our hubs in search engine li

  1. Asp52 profile image87
    Asp52posted 5 years ago

    How long does it usually take for Google to pick up our hubs in search engine listings?

    From publishing a hub what is the average time frame you wait for traffic to appear from Search Engine traffic?

  2. brianrock profile image88
    brianrockposted 5 years ago

    That can depend on a lot of factors, like keywords, competition, and search volume.

    It's certainly possible to get some search traffic within a few days of publishing. One of my hubs got some visits from Google and Bing in less than a week. The visits were all for longtail keywords, long phrases where there is little targeted competition.

    In the long term, however, it can take several months before a hub "matures" and ranks for larger or more competitive keywords. In competitive spaces, linking, social sharing, and other factors are going to help your hub rank above other pages on the Internet - and it takes time for Google to crawl and index all these signals and incorporate them into its search algorithm.

    So, in short... for low competition and long tail keywords, you should see some traffic within a week or so. For more competitive keywords, you may not see much for a few months (or ever).

  3. nanderson500 profile image85
    nanderson500posted 5 years ago

    The previous person already gave a great answer to this question. One fun thing to do is to google a phrase that corresponds with the subject of your hub. Hopefully, you will eventually find your hub listed on the first page of the search results. I only know of one of mine that is ranked that highly and it took awhile to get there.

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