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Anyone else figured out that "who to follow" suggestions on Twitter are false?

  1. petenali profile image86
    petenaliposted 5 years ago

    Anyone else figured out that "who to follow" suggestions on Twitter are false?

    On my desktop Twitter page, there is a box giving me suggestions of "Who to Follow".  It even says a suggestion and then says it is followed by someone that I am already following.  It turns out that this is false.  That person doesn't, nor ever has, followed the suggested person.  This came to light when it said that my teenage son was following something that I deemed inappropriate and questioned him about it.  I began hunting further...  Anyone else experienced this or know how to change it?

  2. Tealparadise profile image90
    Tealparadiseposted 5 years ago

    Are you sure?   I would wait until you have more proof than just your sons CYA to make an assertion like that.  Twitter doesn't gain anything by telling you to follow random people, and my who to follow suggestions are extremely accurate for both my personal and business accounts. Personal always shows people I could know, business shows people in my niche.

    1. petenali profile image86
      petenaliposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I checked several suggestions in a row by looking at my family/friends following lists and these suggestions were NOT followed by my friends even tho' Twitter said they were.  In fact, I just checked another whilst typing this - again false!

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    dougcarter4posted 5 years ago

    I found this the other day when it popped up with my wife following something I didn't think she would. I checked her list, and sure enough, she doesn't nor ever did follow that individual. Tonight, I opened up the entire "Who to Follow" list and counted (and screen capped) over a dozen false suggestions connected to my wife—who was sitting right next to me saying, "nope" to every single one.

    This is something new, and I don't like it. Very Facebook-like, which we gave up on almost 2 years ago now for privacy issues, as well as things like this in the name of "marketing."

    I find it misleading at the least and fraud at the worst. It's deceptive and essentially lying trying to trick you into following someone that you might not otherwise follow because someone you trust does. This bothers me a lot, and I hope Twitter stops this practice immediately.

    And as an "also," I have another account for my website business that showed up on my own list as following someone that we don't follow at all.

    I'd love to know how to shut this off, because it doesn't appear to show all of my follows on this list—just a handful of the more prolific Tweeters.

    And Tealparadise, you would really believe an internet company who's sole purpose is to make a profit over the word of your own child? Wrong.

    1. petenali profile image86
      petenaliposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks dougcarter4 - I knew I wasn't losing my mind on this one.  I actually tried to tweet Twitter support about it as I could not find a phone/email contact.  No response!  Doesn't surprise me.