Do you think that it would be possible to capture electrons from the air to conv

  1. LAURENS WRIGHT profile image53
    LAURENS WRIGHTposted 4 years ago

    Do you think that it would be possible to capture electrons from the air to convert to electricity ?

    Back in the 1950"s, the Mid-West of the United States, people used coaxal wire to capture electrons out of the current of air and wind and converted this to usable electricity to charge their batteries for short wave radios.  History states that Tesla made a car that took electrons out of the air and used this energy to run an electric car.  Ben Franklin used a carbon filiment fiber string to collect electrons out of the air to light a key.  The shuttle, Columbia, was said to generate 200,000 volts with a carbon thether trailing behind the ship.  Do you think that we are missing information?

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    djashburnalposted 4 years ago

    That's the basic science behind hydrogen fuel cells. They work by hydrogen moving across an anode, with a positive charge. As it passes, electrons are pulled into the anode then are transfered to a catehode, negative due to the buildup of negative hydrogen ions on the other side. As they pass through to reunite with the hydrogen atoms, an electric current is produced.

    Although this all happens in a controlled environment, it may be possible to use the same technique on a larger scale to produce sufficient power. Whether or not the process would be economical is another matter.

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    junksellerposted 4 years ago

    The term I have seen used for that is hygroelectricity. A couple of years ago I heard something about a professor, Fernando Galembeck, working on that at the University of Campinas in Brazil. Haven't heard anything since, though. I tend to think we aren't missing anything. It's just challenging.