Laser printers vs Inkjet? Which ones are best and easier to refill?

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    Hridyapal-Bhogalposted 5 years ago

    Laser printers vs Inkjet? Which ones are best and easier to refill?

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    Larry Wallposted 5 years ago

    I think a laser printer is superior because of quality and speed. However, they are more expensive and the toner is more expensive. However, you get more impressions.

    The Ink Jet printers are cheaper but they get you on the replacement toner cartridges. I have used Cannon, Panasonic and Lexmark. The Lexmark, wireless printer, copier and scanner that I paid $85 for more than two years  ago has given me no trouble, except when I had a Windows software update. The Lexmark tech stayed on the phone with me for about 45 minutes to make sure everything was working. They spent more on that phone call than they made on the printer.

    When I worked in an office, we had two Xerox color printers and copiers tied to our nextwork. The output was outstanding, but certainly not practical for home use.

    Back at the consumer level, both the laser and ink jet printers use cartridges of some type so ease of refilling should not be an issue. The cost of refilling is definitely an issue.

    If you basically only doing black and white work, an ink jet printer will serve you well. If you are doing high volume or a lot of color work, I would go with the laser.