Is there anyone who tell me right source of income from internet?

  1. mairajhaider profile image60
    mairajhaiderposted 4 years ago

    Is there anyone who tell me right source of income from internet?

  2. pauley13 profile image67
    pauley13posted 4 years ago

    "Right" depends on who is asking.

    Broadly, there are MANY ways in which you can earn money online - but most of them take time to learn. And all of them require at least some effort. The vast majority require at least some financial investment as well.

    If you mean what is the "easiest" to get started with - well, then it has to be providing some kind of a worthwhile service (something you already know very well how to do and for which there is demand) and then offering it on micro-jobs or outsourcing sites (e.g.,,, etc).

    If you mean "make the most money with the least work" - you will find that there really is no such thing. There are ENDLESS "systems" you can buy, and each will give you some ideas and steps to follow, but what you do with them and how well you fare in the end will depend entirely on how you applied it and how you're maintaining your online business.

    There ARE some systems which pretty much guarantee that you "will" make some money but they all require investments and - some patience and practice.

    Ultimately, however, if you can provide something (some) people want - and it's of good quality (product or service) - then your only job will be to find ways to put your offer in front of some eyeballs and hoping that it will convert into customers.

    If those customers like what you do, you will soon see referrals and your online business will take off. This is probably the best and safest online earnings model.