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How to Create Search Engine

  1. riad99 profile image76
    riad99posted 4 years ago

    How to Create Search Engine

    How to Create Search Engine google

    How can I create a search engine

    What are the necessary programming languages

    And How can I defeat Google

  2. jonathanago profile image83
    jonathanagoposted 4 years ago

    c++, some java will be nice. google's search popularity is due to adwords, they have pawned adwords and adsense to publishers and advertisers. They pioneered CTR (Click Through Rate) importance, there are others who used CTR as a form to monetized, Google won the Search War cause they charged by click not by impression. To beat Google, you will need to convince all of the site that use google to use your search platform. To convince them this, you will need to probably give them cash upfront and ensure that they will make more with you than with Google. A search engine is pretty much a database of websites. You create a metacrawler that surfs the entire web and creates a database of websites throughout the web. Most of these sites have meta tags and these tags are search parameters, so when you type "pepsi cola" any site that have pepsi refereced in their metatag would pop up. Google has the ability to catalog every word written on a web page, so if you type four score and seven years ago, you will get a mix of websites with metatags of that reference and anything on the body that closely match those search parameters.

    Search Engines are just a complex matrix program that sorts information.

    A search engine is just a one big excel sheet file with a automated meta tag that continues to add more into its database.

    1. David Trujillo profile image87
      David Trujilloposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Your last sentence seems to be the real answer. But is it really that simple? What are the steps to create a search engine in a programming sense? Not the business model explanation.

    2. jonathanago profile image83
      jonathanagoposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      well, david he stated that he wanted to beat google and i also explained that it would be difficult. programming wise, the easiest way now and days is to find an open source code for a search engine, there are out there and tweek it

  3. David Trujillo profile image87
    David Trujilloposted 4 years ago

    How to become God? A hard question you are asking but a good one smile

    I´m not a programmer but found these basic steps:

    1. Create a web crawler (spider) that crawls content on the web
    2. A full text search engine that stores and index the data found
    3. A web interface for querying the full text index
    4. A damn good algorithm with well placed variables to determine content´s rank. Google´s is called Pagerank.

    If you are looking for the algorithm and how to produce I found this complicated article called "EIGENVECTOR
    THE LINEAR ALGEBRA BEHIND GOOGLE". Here is an explanation on how to build the Eigenvector with practical exercises... which I undestood squat!

  4. Seshagopalan profile image80
    Seshagopalanposted 4 years ago

    I do not know the answer but I love your question smile smile