The public can't view my blogs, how come?

  1. Seasons of Life profile image61
    Seasons of Lifeposted 3 years ago

    The public can't view my blogs, how come?

    I put links to my blogs on my website and now no one can see my blogs

  2. merej99 profile image81
    merej99posted 3 years ago

    Hi Seasons of Life.  I might be wrong but I briefly read somewhere that your hub score needs to be somewhere in the 70s or higher to be searchable.  I can try to find the article in the forum somewhere for you if you'd like.  In the meantime keep hubbing and aspire to write quality featured posts.  Looking forward to reading more of your hubs! smile

  3. how2makeablog profile image38
    how2makeablogposted 3 years ago

    There may be a couple of answers. The first is to start with your host provider. Software updates can produce unwanted changes to your blog, that can directly effect what the public sees. The second could be straight out, malware. Meaning, someone may have hi-jacked your blog. It happens. My host provider always notifies me when something looks amiss and sure enough, I have found lines of code buried deep in my word press files, re-directing my pages and traffic. In either case, start with your host and back up your files, prior to the day you noticed the problem. Good luck.