Is it ok to post same blog in two different web sites ? Like in Hub pages & word

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    spock28posted 4 years ago

    Is it ok to post same blog in two different web sites ? Like in Hub pages & word press ?

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    JessBrazposted 4 years ago

    No it is not.

    If the majority of your writing is focused around the same subject (you're working on creating a certain niche for your writing... example: You're a fantastic gardener and focus most of your writing around gardening) you can certainly publish more than one hub and/or blog post around the same subject and link back to each profile where your work is displayed (example, if you have a Google+ account to you can link your HP profile to it)..

    However, you may not simply copy and paste the content from your blog and publish it as a hub and hubpages, or vice versa.

    Hubpages aims to have unique content on their website and does not allow duplicate content from other websites, even if you are the owner of that content. It violates the Hubpages Terms of Use and you could have your hubs unpublished and removed from Hubpages entirely.

    You can find this information under the Hubpages Terms of Use here:

    It is listed under the last bullet point under the heading "Restrictions and Prohibitions on Use"

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    LoisRyan13903posted 4 years ago

    Not with hub pages because of their duplicate content ruling.  But what you can do is paste the first paragraph or two of your hub into you blog and provide a backlink back to your hub. 

    Now on other websites this may be allowed.  For example if you use blogger and wordpress, that would be fine.  If you are talking about a writing site and a blog site, the only writing site that I can think of that allows duplicate content is Yahoo Voices (associatedcontent,com)