Is the switch from Apple to Android hard?

  1. Dreamhowl profile image96
    Dreamhowlposted 3 years ago

    Is the switch from Apple to Android hard?

    I am switching my phone plan soon - leaving AT&T for either Sprint or Ting. Ting is a Sprint re-seller and was originally the best deal, until my parents told me they had a Sprint Framily plan. For both Sprint and Ting, the Kyocera Hydro Edge was the cheapest smartphone without a slider keyboard. The phone as a pretty recent android OS and some nifty features. However, I have been using an iPhone for a year and the layout will probably feel different. Have you made the switch, and did you adjust quickly?

  2. ilikegames profile image80
    ilikegamesposted 3 years ago

    If you use you're phone a lot you'll just adjust pretty quickly like most things in life. There are some really good "crash course" style videos and pages out there for making the switch that really helped me.

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    Anika Diariesposted 3 years ago

    I'v been using iPhone since 3 years now and switching to android scares me whenever I plan to change my phone. It's because I'm always thinking if I'll be able to "adjust". I feel if ever I change, I will have to train myself accordingly. One of my friend switched from apple to android but switched back within a month. So I think it's definitely hard.

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