What is the difference between a blogger and webmaster?

  1. livewirez profile image75
    livewirezposted 3 years ago

    What is the difference between a blogger and webmaster?

    If I own a blog site am I consider a webmaster?


  2. Alex Adelman profile image77
    Alex Adelmanposted 3 years ago

    A webmaster is so circa 1995 - 2004 ( http://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=webmaster ). If you are able to handle the administrative duties of a blog, then you can be considered an "admin". If you are editing the HTML/CSS of the templates that alter the display of the blog, you can be considered a "web designer". If you are altering the functionality of the website by writing Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Coldfusion (what?!), or any other programming language, then you can consider yourself a "web developer".

    All of the above can be considered "webmaster", despite not mastering anything.

    Please, don't use the word "engineer", though, unless you have a solid understanding of Object Oriented Programming, relational databases, etc.


    Your webmaster

  3. Ilona1 profile image80
    Ilona1posted 3 years ago

    A webmaster runs the site, whether it is a blog or a website of another type. They may or may not write the content.

    A blogger writes content, and may know nothing of the workings of the blog platform, although most bloggers at least learn to run the basics themselves.

    They may simply write for another's site, so they don't necessarily have access to the admin side of the blog.

    Many are both. I am webmaster and blogger for my sites and blogs.