Please help with WinZip

  1. Iain Frisealach profile image59
    Iain Frisealachposted 2 years ago

    Please help with WinZip

    I am using winzip to compress files. after it is done I can right-click on a ZIPPED FILE  -click explore and see the files.

    But some zipped files when I RIGHT CLICK  on them then click explore it throws a message: "The compressed(zipped) folder is invalid or corrupt"

    I tried several times to zip the files and it throws the same error.

    any idea?

  2. Adrien Meilleur profile image61
    Adrien Meilleurposted 2 years ago

    Follow these instructions:
    1 Visit a website that has a ZIP repair program available for download. An example of such a program would be WinRar.

    2 Download and install the program onto your computer.

    3 Activate the program by double-clicking on the shortcut icon on your desktop, or through the "Start" menu.

    4 Select the Zip file you wish to repair in the box on the program screen. You can browse your computer by clicking on the down arrow next to the browse menu bar.

    5 Click the "Repair" button at the top of the program. It will have an image of a red cross on it. A new window will appear. Click on "Treat the current archive as ZIP" and then click "OK." The program will now repair your archive.
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  3. Education fundoos profile image42
    Education fundoosposted 2 years ago

    It might be a corrupted file try downloading or getting another copy of that file... there are several reasons due to which compressed files got errored