Can I view corrupt my cdr file?

  1. owenwoods profile image61
    owenwoodsposted 2 years ago

    Can I view corrupt my cdr file?

    I get an error reading "xxx" file when I try to open Corel Draw files. Can I view corrupt my cdr file? I managed to find a file with the same name of my document, but it also does not appear when I try to open a file CDR.

  2. avilsben profile image61
    avilsbenposted 2 years ago

    There is something corrupted with the file as it has been saved that Corel won't open it. Maybe there is a chance that another software that can import CorelDraw files might overlook the glitch and try to import the rest. Depends on what part of the file is corrupted. General solution that restores data from damaged *.cdr files used in graphics editor CorelDraw See it here: … 19676.html
    If instrument above didn't help, you would need to identify what may have caused the file corruption. Possible causes could include: • Document was corrupted / not saved due to the program crashing or hanging • Saving large files to a network drive. • Documents created in earlier versions of CorelDraw® are no longer accessible