In what all ways have Social Media Campaigns helped?

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    anusha15posted 4 months ago

    In what all ways have Social Media Campaigns helped?

    Recently there was a social media campaign #MeToo. It asked the survivors/victims of abuse to share their or their friends' stories. Apart from creating awareness, it also helped in a number of other ways. What all Social Media Campaigns have you come across which have helped the people in one or the other? Please also mention how they have helped.
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    manatita44posted 4 months ago


    This one stumps me. Everything helps in life, whether it's for the victim, perpetrator, social media, audience or Government geeks.

    Awareness is a tool which can take you to Heaven or take you to H...

    I do not know of this, 'Me Too' campaign, but I am familiar with Just Giving; and a few more. Since I have donated to Just Giving, it is better to speak about it. There have been situations where I guess the money was used wisely and other times when it wasn't. So one can become wary.

    My friends twitter is very powerful for him but not so good for many.

    I won't dwell here, as it's beyond my scope or comfort zone, but I'll return to the beginning of my third paragraph: "Awareness is a tool which may necessitate action, which can take us to Heaven or take us to H ..."

    If the end result  justifies the means, like a bad medicine whose good results overrides it's bad side-effects; or some greater good is done over a lesser good, then it's worth it.

    Om Shanti!!

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    asifiqposted 3 months ago

    I think it gave a second chance for those who did not have the courage, or could not (for whatever reason) speak of their victimization.

    It is not only about awareness, a victim naturally seeks justice. As much as the grief of bad experience is there, a person also feels the perpetrator should be punished, not only for that event, but very essential to stop the perpetrator doing it to others.

    Overall, many victims could not speak out, and the most positive side of this campaign has been, many found the courage to come out and said what they felt should have been said.

    The social reaction is positive enough for future victims to know, it is very much necessary and expected that they come out and demand justice