Why Does My Network Need Auditing by Derek Rogers

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    Why Does My Network Need Auditing? by Derek Rogers
    in Networks (submitted 2010-01-12)

    Is your business one that is highly reliant on a completely effective computer that is thoroughly operational? If so then you do not want to see your computer malfunction in any way, shape, or form. Unfortunately, computers are prone to problems and errors. In some cases, the problems are minor. Then there are other instances when the problems with the computer are so severe the problems lead to crashes and other serious malfunctions.

    Upon such an occurrence, it may not even be possible to restore the computer to its original effective operational capacity. That is why computer network auditing is so enormously helpful. It can discover problems and flaws long in advance of a crash or serious security breach. In some ways, you could consider having a network audited as a form of insurance. By enacting an audit long in advance of the problem, the scenario that snowballs into the unforeseen problem is outright eliminated. Needless to say, that can save your business a lot of time, effort, and expense. So, what will be performed during the performance of a network audit? There are many facets to the audit and they can include the following: A clear diagnosis of the operating system and the registry can be effectively run. This way, the severity of current problems can be ascertained while problems that exist below the surface can be detected. When an operating system is faltering, the computer's lifespan is on borrowed time. Because of this it is necessary to detect and fix these problems right across a network early in the onset of the issue. How is the operation of the software and hardware of these computers performing? For those that notice problems with such operation, the need then becomes knowing exactly what the problem is so as to effectively fix the problem with little or no effort. Well, you will need some effort - namely, you will need to call in a professional that can perform the diagnostic audit required to address the problem. Are you employing backups in the network to capture data prior to a crash? If so, you will need these backups to be as functionally reliable as possible. A network audit can inform whether or not this is the case. Consider that another vital component of performing an audit. The way in which the computer and the network are integrated with the servers needs to be strong as well. A network audio can ensure this is the case and remains the case. Among the most vital of areas in which a network audit can be employed is in the security of the computer. When you have security problems you are open to all sorts of security problems and violations and breaches. Such a scenario cannot be maintained while allowing the company to remain healthy. A network audit can be employed to pick up on the security flaws. From this, effective repairs can be employed. There is much value to network auditing and those that want their computer system to remain healthy and effective should definitely look into it.

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    Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For information on Network Auditing Services, he recommends Network 24.