will try to use a web cam

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    Lecieposted 8 years ago

    tomorrow i will try to use my roommates web cam to upload a photo or two. can't promise anything because my roommate never used it either. so it might take awhile for us to figure it out. we're not what you would call new century people. any advice?

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    Lecieposted 8 years ago

    sorry guys...i have pics on her computer but we can't figure out how to get them from there to here. she has a built in web cam on her lap top. i don't have one. i guess i'll have to buy one when i get the money. don't know what else to do. we just tried for over 2 hours to send the pics to my email and it doesn't work. her youcam i told her must be a piece of junk. most everything else i can hook-up and use with in a half hour. after sitting through the stupid tutorial videos over and over i can't see how anyone is ever able to use one of those.

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      Lisa HWposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      At least with the one I have (which is not built in), you have to first have the software/program that works with the webcam.   Once you download (or open if its already there) the program you should see a way to select something like, "find photo".  From there you should be able to browse the PC to find the photo.   With a built-in one I'm guessing the PC already has the software in it, so you may want to search the programs in the PC for the photo or web-cam program.

      Then do what has to be done to transfer the photo to the webcam program.  Maybe you just have to drag the file to a window.  Maybe you click "open" after you browse and find the picture.