Wordpress blog help please

  1. Jackson Riddle profile image51
    Jackson Riddleposted 7 years ago

    I've got a WP blog and a while ago I changed,

    I don't know what its called, currently on this site its 'Post a new topic to Need Help?' you might see it differently but it is the most up-most thing on your page, on the top blue bar right next to the mozilla or ie sign.

    Anyway does anyone know how to change that? It also appears in the tab description i.e what the tab is called I guess.


  2. kpfingaz profile image71
    kpfingazposted 7 years ago

    That would be your page title - whatever you decide to call it and that usually goes in your meta data in the header of the site.

    I use a plugin called All In One SEO to control this information. Usually when you make a post or page whatever you title that post or page is what shows up in the title bar. With ALL In One SEO you can name the posts whatever you want by filling in the fields.

    Hope this helps you. If not, just let me know.