Dell Computers...McAfee...Incompatible?

  1. Michael Willis profile image79
    Michael Willisposted 8 years ago

    Back when I first bought my first computer I had to go for the price of the computer over quality. I began with the Acer 200 mhz back in the day when it was the "Hot" item.
    Later on I went to Gateway Laptop and the quality of the computer was good, but the service department sucked as I never could understand the language of the person on the phone and their financial department was a total joke.
    Next I went to Hewlett Packard....biggest mistake I ever made. That totally loaded computer system spent more time with the service department than it did with me. And the time spent with a lawyer to even get HP to consider the warranty and in the end...I never got satisfaction.

    I finally broke down and saved money and used a Tax refund to buy a Dell Computer and liked the part of having some say in what you got with the system.
    The Dell customer service people are wayyyyyy better than any other I have ever dealt with. The only problems are.....

    1) Every 6 months I need parts replaced by the warranty.
       2 hard drives, 2 LCD screens, 2 keypads in 2 years. Now I don't see that as a quality product.
    And NOW...My screen is out again!!!!!  After 8 hours, I finally got My old antique ACER Monitor to work for the screen for this expensive Dell computer that always is breaking down.
    2) McAfee...I have never had a problem with McAfee until I had a Dell computer. I have to every 3 months  delete McAfee and re-install it for it to work. This after purchasing a 3 year subscription.
        McAFee does the download all the time and it gets to 90% and starts over!!!!!!!! Waste of time and slows computer down to almost unusable.
    3) The jumping "cursor all over the computer screen" issue.
        The only way to stop this...(other than manually shutting down computer by shutting power off) is to hit the computer over the hard drive.
    The cursor jumping issue is obviously a Hard Drive issue and Dell says it is Windows. Well, I know for a fact that after I hit the computer OVER the hard Drive it stops for at least an hour or two. Starts up again, hit it...stops again.

    Review of Dell Computers.....they are as cheap in quality as the other cheap models out there. I do not recommend Dell Computer for quality and they are way over-priced.

    OK, I have my Rant out of the way. Dell was suppose to be the "elite" of computers, but...they are not!

  2. ediggity profile image62
    ediggityposted 8 years ago

    Buy a Mac. Problems solved.

    1. Michael Willis profile image79
      Michael Willisposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I am strongly considering that as my next computer! I am so sick of the PC problems and money wasted.