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    kerrygposted 7 years ago


    LOL. "As a Mom" - somebody who's had high speed internet for longer than a month really needs to pull that lady aside and explain to her that her sign is more commonly associated with graphic pornography and lolcats!

    The Oregon Tea Party stole the slogan of The Forum That Shall Not Be Named and learned the hard way not to mess with Anonymous. Anonymous showed up, as promised, and wiped the Oregon Tea Party's Facebook page from the face of the Earth.

    On a slightly scarier note, before taking the page down to digitally douse in bleach and burn to ash, the Oregon Tea Party posted the following message:

    "Anonymous: We appreciate your resources and admire your tactics. You have taught us more than you know. As you requested, we are no longer using the "anonymous" quote." (Bolding mine.)

    Look out, internet! The /t(ea)/tards are about to go on attack!