Professional Blogging

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    BenjaminBposted 7 years ago

    Currently I am in the works of having been offered a deal to be an exclusive blogger for my main niche for a related niche site. The talks just began today as they were interested in linking some of my hubs to their blog and escalated into them skimming the surface of offering to build me my own website and hosting it for free with me blogging on the subjects they wanted to have the information cover.

    My question to anyone out there with experience in this field is the financial side of it. What kind of deal should I strive to get here? What is the normal type of financial arrangement in these situations?

    I said I was interested,but that we would need to talk more on the financial end. He mentioned that even though they have no affiliate program that they would set it up that I would get a % of all sales made from traffic from the site they created for me,which sounds good.

    The guy I spoke with who was the one who had approached me through email leading to phone conversations was not sure about the aspects they could offer though and will be getting back with me. I asked about advertising such as Google AdSense and any other displayed ads and if that would be mine to control and keep or theirs or a split of some sort and he has to get back to me on those details.

    Just looking for an overall opinion from people who may already be involved in such deals for what I should strive to get out of it besides the affiliate deal on their service that would be exclusive to me alone,the free hosted website and completely free website design.