Managing Folders in CP for multi sites!

  1. Ravi Rawat profile image60
    Ravi Rawatposted 6 years ago

    I am quite sure many of the hubbers have more than 2 niche adsense WP Blogs.  I am also trying for the same. I made one WP niche blog/site and another is parked domain.  I want to add 2 more WP Blogs/sites.

    Now I would like to ask or seek help how you create and arrange folders for each site in control panel/File Manager in your control panels.  Hope I asked for in a right way for you to understand better.  I don't want to mix up files/folders of all my niche sites in CP.  Before I create another 2nd niche WP blog/site I want to be sure about the step by step method for the same.  I understand the answer will be long enough so if you have a link to such post where I can understand this whole process step by step will be best suitable for me.

    Thanks and awaiting helpful answers from my hubber friends.