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Mobile phone changed our life

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    Eudora123posted 6 years ago

    In recent years, our mobile phones have more functions such as taking photes, watching movies, playing music and so on. So if you want to hear some music when you finish your work and in your way home, you can wear your earphone and use your cell phone. When you are outside and want to keep the moment remember, but you haven�t got a camera,you can use your cell phone�s webcam to take some pictures. With the development of 3G, we can use our mobile phones to do many things, such as downloading and watching some movies. This allows us to watch a movie via our cell phones so that we do not need to go to the cinema. Besides, if your phone is a smart phone, you also can use it to pay the fare of taking a bus.You also can use your smart phone to send some E-mails or download some funny games so that you won�t be bored in your spare time.

    1. manthy profile image76
      manthyposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Yeah they can also cost you your life, I wrote a hub about texting while driving,Check it out ;0)

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      Rpenafielposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Cell phones can truly do a lot of things so it isn’t surprising for this device to have an impact to the lives of many. Even the elderly can experience the impact that cell phones can give. The availability of cell phone with simple features and emergency SOS button has helped a lot of elderly today in regaining their sense of freedom and independence.

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    DON BALDERASposted 6 years ago

    Fortunately, these modern gadgets help us through many activities we can achieve in a longer time before but not now. It only becomes too impersonal as they rob especially for family members to have quality time together threshing out things for themselves to build more closeness in their relationship.Of course, it's given, you'll have to incur additional expenses with its use.It will only take some form of discipline in the way we manage use of modern technology whatever they are.