Looking for Free Wordpress themes? Read this first!

  1. SiddSingh profile image60
    SiddSinghposted 6 years ago

    Many hubbers are currently developing websites, often on free wordpress themes. Apparently, this could be risky if we find the themes by a simple web search on google - it may even bring certain penalties to your website.

    I recently stumbled upon this article, which I will share with everyone.

    Why You Should Never Search For Free WordPress Themes in Google or Anywhere Else

    This article is fairly old - Jan 2011, and a current search turned up different results. Or perhaps only I am seeing different results.

    1. thooghun profile image82
      thooghunposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Yup, I always download the Theme authenticity check plugin which tells you whether there are static links or encrypted code embedded within the template (and helps you manually remove them).

      Remember that you can decode and re-encode base 64 encypted text  to suit your needs. I have no problem with a free template demanding a link back -- fair is fair. But encrypted text is a huge red flag -- I always decode it to see what it does.

      1. SiddSingh profile image60
        SiddSinghposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Well, I never took that precaution - though I never download themes except from wordpress.org itself.