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google search not working if not signed into google?

  1. Little two two profile image89
    Little two twoposted 6 years ago

    I closed most of my google and associated accounts with the one exception to the email I have been using for years. I absolutely hate their new terms of use (privacy) and was advised to just log out to do searches. Which has worked fine, till yesterday.

    If I am logged out of google, all my searches no matter what I search for are coming back as SSL error. If I log out of Google then reopen the page, I get sent to google.fr, google.it etc and it refuses to let me open google.com (google.ca apparently does not exist).

    I am not overly technically savy, but the web works fine if I don't use google, is this googles way of forcing you to log in so they can see what you do and don't do. Or is there some deeper technical/hardware issue on my end that is preventing only google search from working when signed out (signed in it works).


    1. Cardisa profile image93
      Cardisaposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I use three browsers and only is signed into Google with Chrome, but my main search engine is Google search and I don't have that problem so I don't know how to help you there. I used Firefox  when signed into my other HP account and uses Google search there, even today.

  2. skyfire profile image72
    skyfireposted 6 years ago

    Weird issue.

  3. Little two two profile image89
    Little two twoposted 6 years ago

    Yeah it is weird. I switched to a different operating system, Ubuntu using Chrome and not Windows using Chrome and I do not have the problem any more. But if I switch back to Windows system using any web browser, I get the weirdness. So Ubuntu it is .. lol. Thanks

  4. skyfire profile image72
    skyfireposted 6 years ago

    I don't know if it is OS specific. I am running chrome under xubuntu (xfce on ubuntu) and it is redirecting me to microsoft.com for every query made in browser. So there is definitely something fishy going on there with these search engines.