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My Sony Vaio Begs Me to Get a Golla Laptop Bag!

Updated on February 13, 2015
A Golla laptop Bag
A Golla laptop Bag

I've bought a new laptop computer recently. It's a Sony Vaio with full touchscreen running on Windows 8 Metro Full OS. The laptop bag that comes with it is quite awesome. It's a black with shiny surface bag that branded with the famous Vaio tag. Other than that, it's quite a boring nothing extraordinary fancy laptop backpacker. Not that I dislike it, but it seems that my Vaio wants some breathes of life; mind you, he asks for a Golla Laptop Bag!

Golla is a Finland based company that specializing in laptop and gadget bags. They are known for producing high quality and stylish products that meet all kind of needs. Their range of product include laptop bag, camera bag, mobile phone bag, portable gaming device bag, mp3 player bag, GPS proctective bag and video camera bag.

Their new range of laptop and notebook computer bags has been quite successful in Europe, they are well received, which is due to their stylish and creative design. Just mention Golla, and every laptop owner will about know it.

Golla laptop bag comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate the difference sizes of laptop, from the smallest netbook size of 10" to as huge as the multimedia laptop size of 17". To cater with the different needs and preferences, Golla laptop bag is available in backpack, messenger and executive bag. For those who just want a protective layer over their laptop, there are even laptop sleeves to choose from.

One of the most noticeable design of a Golla notebook bag is the pattern printed on it. It always blended well with the color and design. Although it is not complicated but the 'Celtic tattoo' effect that it creates will definitely attract just anyone to have a look on it. Well, Golla is the first of its kind to produce such terrific design.

Here's What You Should Do When Choosing a Laptop Bag...

Golla Laptop Backpack
Golla Laptop Backpack

Before actually going out to pick up your favorite Golla or just any other brands, there are a few things that you must consider, so that you won't make the wrong purchase.

  • Style: This is probably the first thing that every laptop owner should consider. Everyone has their own style and needs and thus, getting the right one is very essential. For example, a traveler might find that the backpack style is extremely useful while a woman might love to have her laptop to be placed in a tote bag. For that for the ladies do check out laptop bags for women.
  • Material: The material made often dictates the durability and style of the choice of your laptop bag. For example, the leather laptop bage gives you the feel of an executive style and not forget to mention that they also quite long lasting. Vinyl, suede, cotton and corduroy are some of the most popular choices and you might want to get one which is lightweight and waterproof.
  • Padding: The more padding that a bag has, the more protection that it can offer to your laptop bag. A well padded bag can protect your laptop from shock and fall.
  • Interior Compartment: Every bag would have a main compartment for the laptop and make sure that your laptop fits well in it, just not too loose and not too tight. A big compartment might not hold your laptop in place while a small one will not fit it. Some other smaller compartments accommodate the your laptop charger and other accessories such as a laptop cooler., smartphone, cables, small gadgets, notebook and etc.

Laptop Messenger Bag
Laptop Messenger Bag
  • Fasteners: Fasteners are importatnt to hold your laptop in place. A well padded laptop bag is useless without the right fasteners. Make sure that the bag can secure your laptop inside properly, so that it stays in place while you are travelling.
  • External Pockets: Pockets are not necessary, they might be useful for you to slip in small items such as your mp3 player, cell phone camera, and etc.
  • Carrying Options: You will want to consider a laptop bag that offers more than one carrying option. some laptop bags include hand straps and shoulder straps while some have hand straps and backpack straps. You can remove the unused straps and keep them in the unused compartment.
  • Color: For executive style, the black and brown one are the best. Or else if you want to have one for leisure purpose the more funky type such as offered by Golla might suit you.

Lastly, if you are looking to buy a laptop bag whether for leisure or working purposes, why not consider a Golla laptop bag. You will definitely find one that can match your style and purposes. And by the way, the Golla is very durable and you can expect to rely on it for a very long time.

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    mulberry1 6 years ago

    These are great looking laptop bags. I want that red and orange one!