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How to Choose a Laptop Messenger Bag that Suits Your Needs

Updated on March 17, 2014

Laptop messenger bag has become quite popular recently, particular with the rapid growth of laptop computer users. Unlike few years back, mobile computer has now become more affordable and you will find that almost every college kid own one. With the increasing of laptop computer usage, the same thing happens to laptop bags too.

Today's mobile computer users demand more than just an ordinary laptop messenger bag that serves nothing more than just to protect the laptop. Younger generation prefer laptop carriers that are more stylish and yet at the same time retain the full functionality of a laptop computer bag.

The new breed of laptop messenger bags that can be found in the market are generally sturdy and practical. However, unlike conventional type, these bags come with better designs and stylish look that follow the trend. Some have designs and patterns on them like those offered by Gallo, while some others offer better functionality such as Swiss Gear, Targus and Timbuk2.

These messenger bags generally have an easy opening top cover with a wide strap that does not strain the shoulder when carrying around. This flexible strap distributes evenly the weight of your laptop (plus also other laptop accessories that you have put in) on your shoulder and chest and thus, it won't slow you down when you are walking.

Tips on Choosing a Stylish and Trendy Laptop Bag

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  1. The first thing that you need to look at is of course find a laptop messenger bag that fits your mobile computer. Most inexperienced or first time laptop users normally make this mistake when shopping for one. Most will get the sizing wrong as they often buy a bag that fits only their laptop. The bag also needs to hold other items such as the charger and accessories such as the laptop cooling pad. Some other items which include an external hard drive for storage backup, files, books and notepads. To avoid this, it is always better to bring along your laptop or knowing its size before heading to the store. Also identify what you are going to stuff in it.
  2. The next thing that you want to consider is whether the laptop messenger bag suits your lifestyle. Determine where you will bring the laptop messenger bag most; it is to the office or it is part of your casual accessories. For formal purposes, it is always recommended that you get one that not too stylish with funky design and color. Black is a good choice for male as it is quite versatile, maroon is good too. There is a wide variety of styles that you can choose from, just make sure that you get one that serves the puporse. If you want more varieties in your choice and you won't mind spending the money, get two instead.
  3. The design of the laptop messenger bag. One of the best features of laptop messenger bag is the big sized pockets and as well as other compartments that specially made for storing other gadgets and other items that you would love to bring along. The more pockets and compartments, the more space for other items. Also note that pick only the one that serves you. If you don't prefer to bring lots of items inside the bag, choose one with fewer pockets and compartments as they will make your bag looks bulky.

Laptop Messenger Bag Brands that You can Consider


Some of the brands of laptop messenger bag that you want to consider includes:

  1. Timbuk2 Laptop Messenger Bag, Timnbuk2 is a bestseller brand and it specifically targets for casual wear. These laptop messenger bags are fun, colorful and great for men who love to travel. Timbuk2 bags are quipped with intelligent storage options that would secure your laptop (up to 17 in.), high tech gears and gadgets that need to be handled carefully. Unlike other laptop bag brands, Timbuk2 slightly edges into first for the modular system of attachments where it focus more on the overall design of the bag that provides you with better functionality. You will find that every Timbuk2 bag will have better organizational attachments and pockets. One thing about Timbuk2 is that it is too casual to be used for office or formal environment, so avoid this if your main purpose if for office use or seeing client.
  2. Bumbakpak Street Flow Collection, this is a hybrid messenger and backpack laptop bag; so you are getting the best of both designs in this one piece. The unique and stylish design of Bumbakpak is mostly favored by college kids and also techie road warriors. If you are tired with the look of a messenger bag, just transform it into a backpack; this makes it easier to carry particular if you are going for a long day.
  3. Case Logic is another trusted brand in the gadget and computing world. Case Logic Canvas Collection has padded laptop compartment that can hold up to 15.4 inch laptop computer and there is a big pocket at the back with a Velco close, which quite big to fit in paper and other wider stuffs. There are two main compartment inside the bag: 1) the laptop compartment that comes with additional strap for better protection and 2) additional compartment for additional use such as carrying file, book, pads or just anything that could fit it, it's very deep too.

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