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Shopping for women laptop bags?

Updated on October 1, 2013
Laptop Bags for Women
Laptop Bags for Women

Laptop bags for women are mobile computer bags, which are purposely designed for the ladies use. Women, especially those who engage in executive and marketing roles will definitely need to carry a laptop computer to work or when meeting clients.

Thus, to meet the market needs and demand, designer have incorporated the function of storing a notebook computer into the ladies bags. It's not just about functionality, but also as well as fashion too. It's very seldom that we can't relate fashion with women accessories. There are indeed two words that meant to be put together.

Women laptop bags are normally more stylish, trendy and feminine compares to those regular laptop carriers that sold in the market. They often come in a variety of styles, fabrics, graphic prints and designs. Laptop bags for women could be regarded as the second hand bags for the ladies. Is either the first or the second one when they need to go out.

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It is a known fact that women are always more fashionable and stylish than men (at least generally). While most men will do their shopping in a very short time, women, on the other hand, love to spend time on window shopping and trying out different things before deciding upon the thing that they want.

This goes the same when shopping for a laptop bag too. Having a woman's laptop bag that can match with a particular outfit whether for work or casual is a BIG plus. This shows that the particular lady has a sense in fashion and definitely knows her value.

There are varieties of brands in the market that offer excellent choices in both designs and color for women laptop bags. If you prefer a feminine design with a pretty color and good fabric, you can have it. Or if you prefer a more executive feel, you can find one too.

The choices are so wide that you might be confused in which one you should go for. Again, anything that goes with the female, particular the bag is a style statement.

And so for the ladies, if you haven't have a laptop bag, go out and hunt for one and if you do already have one but just a normal type of those boring bags, it's time to kiss it goodbye.

There are trendy designs and models of laptop bags for women out there, it's time to start looking for one.

Tips for Shopping Women's Laptop Bag

Below are some general tips that you can follow while looking for your feminine laptop bag:

  1. Size of the bag . The very first thing that you should look for is none other than the size of the laptop computer bag. Make sure the one that you choose can fit your laptop. It is useless to buy something trendy but can't be used it. Check the size of your laptop and if you have no idea about this, refer to the manual or search online for your particular model. Besides, you should also pay attention to the thickness of your laptop. Some laptop are sleek (particular those premium models) while some are not. Make sure that the laptop tote bag has enough room to accommodate your laptop, not too tight and not too loose.
  2. Inner space of the bag. Also pay attention to the inner space of the bag. It should also have enough space or extra compartments to accommodate all necessary accessories such as the power cord and laptop cooling pad. If it is for formal use or if you want to carry some other things inside it, for example files, notepads or books, make sure that it has special compartments to accommodate them. With this, you will find the bag easy to organize. And please not forget that it has a strap to hold your laptop in place.
  3. The material. This is quite straightforward, just pick the one that comes with the material of your choice. If you prefer leather, go for it and if you like fabric and canvas, pick them up. Just make sure that it won't break or tear easily.

Why Not Consider These Women Laptop Bags?

Microsoft Ladies Laptop Tote--Manhattan (Red Trim)
Microsoft Ladies Laptop Tote--Manhattan (Red Trim)
Mobile Edge Milano Laptop Handbag, Small (Black)
Mobile Edge Milano Laptop Handbag, Small (Black)
MobileEdge Komen Tote Pink Faux-Suede
MobileEdge Komen Tote Pink Faux-Suede
  1. Microsoft Ladies Laptop Tote - This ladies tote is made by one of the biggest software companies in the world, Microsoft. If you are looking for a sleek appearance laptop tote at an affordable price, this should be what you are looking for. Selling at about $30, Amazon offers the cheapest price of all. This bag comes in a dark charcoal gray color and some of it features include protective padded sleeves and flexible shoulder straps that are double looped for more comfort and durability.

    This bag can hold laptops of up to 15" screen and it has an outside pocket with magnetic closure and digital accessory panel that can be used to hold phone cards and pens. The zipper pocket on the opposite side is created purposely for security and quick access. Specially styled for female business professionals, go grab it if it fits you.

  2. Mobile Edge Milano Laptop Handbag - This beautiful laptop carrier is styled in supple faux-croc material with a buttery-soft poly-suede lining that is absolutely luxurious to the touch. If you are looking for a laptop bag that has the classic element of a handbag, this will indeed what you should buy.

    This women's laptop bag features dedicated SafetyCell computer protection compartment, removable accessories/ cosmetic wrist-let and exclusive wireless security shield pocket. It comes in two version, which the smaller one can hold laptop with screens up to 14.7 inches while the larger version support screens of up to 17 inches.

  3. Komen Pink Suese Notebook Tote - This stylish and feminine laptop carrying case definitely meet your needs if you are looking for one that serve multi-purposes.

    Supports laptop screen of up to 22"L x 15" W x 2.5"H., this bag also features include zippered interior pocket, detachable cosmetics/accessory pocket, self-healing zippers and durable metal feet. It also comes with a lifetime warranty too.

    The best thing about this bag is that it support a cause where part of the proceeds from all sales will go to a cancer charity, the Susan G.Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. If you are buying for charity, why don't consider this notebook tote?

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