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The Best Guitar Songs For Beginners To Learn

Updated on January 3, 2015

Learn to play guitar - learn guitar songs

Here are the best guitar songs for beginners, some of the very best guitar resources I have found for you. If you want to learn guitar songs, this page is a collection of resources published on Squidoo for anyone interested in learning guitar. With these guitar songs, the emphasis is on rock and pop styles, but there is even more to come. So, whether you want guidance on choosing an instrument or teacher, or just want to get stuck into those chords for Highway To Hell, this could be the page you are looking for!

As I add more lenses, they will appear here. This is guitar for beginners, free for the asking. So are you ready to rock? Let's learn to play rock guitar!

Intro image - my guitar :) Do not copy!

How long does it take to learn rock guitar

Why the guitar is the best instrument ever!

Learning to play the guitar is easy and yet the learning never ends! How long does it take to learn guitar? A lifetime would not be enough to master its every trick and sound and yet you can get a decent sound within minutes and play a song within days! What other instrument can offer such a range of experience?

Learn to Play Guitar Free and Learn Guitar Songs

Guitar resources you can trust....

I set up my guitar website as a collection of resources for teachers in my area to share. In the course of doing that, two things became very obvious - there are huge numbers of guitar pages on the net, some of which claim to be free, most of which are not. Learning to play guitar is increasingly popular and there are so many ways of going about it but some shortcuts are not so good and some resources are set up by those who can't actually play or teach just to earn advertising revenue. You can buy guitar tutor books here, but you don't have to!

If you follow the links to my pages you will be able to start learning to play guitar without signing up or paying anything. If you want to take it that step further, you can buy teaching materials, music, books or whatever you need but you don't have to. These are not product pages written by marketers. I make my living as a teacher and guitar has been my life for over 40 years. If you do not want to pay for professional instruction yet, try these pages before you pay for products that could prove more expensive than lessons in the longterm....

So, right away, before I talk about buying guitars or any of the technical stuff, here are some links to get you playing rock guitar!

Learn Guitar Songs On Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Lessons and Fingerstyle Guitar

Learning to play acoustic guitar is a wonderful accomplishment. You can take an acoustic guitar anywhere at all, it doesn't need anything but your two hands and a guitar case to keep it safe and dry! Before you play acoustic guitar you might like to look at these pages for some useful advice.

    • Learn to Play Marc Bolan T-Rex 20th Century Boy

      Learn to play Marc Bolan on guitar 20th Century Boy. Do you remember Marc Bolan and T-Rex? Where can you buy T Rex sheet music? Sing along with 20th Century Boy? This page will show you how to play Marc Bolan on guitar, the chords for 20th Century Boy...

    • Born To Be Wild

      Born to be Wild is one of those iconic rock songs everybody seems to know. Here you can learn how to play Born to be Wild and enjoy those rock star moments.

    • How To Play Leonard Cohen Hallelujah Guitar Chords, Lyrics and Sheet Music

      Hallelujah is an iconic song with a hauntingly repetitive melody. Leonard Cohen fans and Shrek fans will know it well although it has been a chart topper for many. Learn to play Hallelujah here.

    • Learn To Play Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe

      Jimi Hendrix was perhaps the ultimate guitar god in his day and Hey Joe is one of my favourite Hendrix songs. You can learn to play it here.

    • Learn to play Highway to Hell by AC/DC

      How do you play Highway to Hell? Can you play AC/DC songs? Read on and I will show you how to play Highway to Hell by AC/DC. Highway to Hell is one of AC/Dc's greatest songs and an all time classic rock song. AC/DC were commissioned to write the music for Iron Man 2.

    • House of the Rising Sun Chords and Guitar TAB

      The House of the Rising Sun is a folk classic and its most famous version was released by The Animals. There are so many ways to play this song in different styles, but this way works nicely.

    • Easy Johnny B Goode TABS and chords

      Remember Johnny Be Goode by Chuck Berry? Those of us old enough to remember him playing - and the duck walk that was his trademark - were glad of the privilege. For younger generations, it was that amazing guitar solo from Back to the Future!

    • How To Play One By Metallica

      Metallica songs are great, the guitar playing is superb and to hear a metal band that plays tunes and a singer who does more than raspy shouting is a bonus. Here is a lesson in how you play One.

    • Learn Guitar Chords For Perfect Day by Lou Reed

      Perfect Day by Lou Reed is an absolutely beautiful song. Here are the guitar chords you can use to play it.

    • How to play Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones

      How to play Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones. I can't get no Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones epitomises the rebellion and the freedom of the 1960s. The riff from Satisfaction is easily in the Top 10 all time greatest rock guitar riffs. This page will get you started up....

    • How to play Smoke On The Water

      How do you play Smoke on the Water? This is possibly Rock's most classic song and you can start playing Smoke On The Water today! Deep Purple was without doubt Prog Rock's greatest supergroup and almost certainly Smoke On The Water is Rock music's most played songs.

    • Learn To Play Stairway To Heaven

      Have you been wondering how to play Stairway to Heaven? I am often asked that question. Stairway To Heaven is THE iconic rock song. So much so that Stairway to Heaven has been nearly played to death by guitar buyers in music stores worldwide. ...

    • Learn how to play Summer of 69

      A short lesson on the classic song Summer of 69. Here you will find guitar chords, a little TAB, advice on how to play and a few links to the song. I hope you enjoy it!

Useful references for beginners

Here are some useful pages to get you started with basic techniques and resources on guitar

  • Band In A Jam - Project for Guitars and School Band

    Band in a Jam - a flexible band project featuring music for young guitarists and orchestral instruments.

  • Harley Davidson Guitar Gear

    I have an ancient favorite plectrum with a Harley Davidson logo. It is thick and chunky and powerful just like the bikes. If you love hard rock, you probably love Harley Davidson. The image of those wild and powerful Harley Davidson bikes is etched..

  • Learn to Improvise on the Guitar

    This is a very first lesson in improvising guitar. You can use this lesson on acoustic, electric or classical guitars. You don't need to be an expert to use this lesson, but you do have to be able to understand guitar box diagrams. This is all in...

  • Learn to Play Guitar Fast - How to use a guitar pick correctly

    Which is the best way to hold a guitar pick? How do you use a plectrum properly? These are questions beginners often ask. Here are a few tips on picking guitar techniques.

  • The World's Fastest Guitar Player

    Just who is the world's fastest guitar player and does speed really matter anyway?

Christmas Music For Guitar - Learn to Play Christmas Carols and Songs

Useful Christmas links for guitar enthusiasts and beginners.

  • Lisa's Christmas Music

    This lens features new Christmas songs I have composed myself. It also features new arrangements of old favourite carols, lesser known carols and music I genuinely enjoy playing. You can listen to music, follow links to buy Christmas sheet music onli

  • Learn To Play Silent Night

    The original manuscript of Silent Night has been lost, however the music is thought to be composed by Franz Gruber in 1818 to words by Josef Mohr.Gruber's composition was influenced by Austrian folk music. The simple melody shows this influence. Grub

  • How to Play Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly

    This page will tell you how to play Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly. It harks back to pre-Christian customs and is more properly a celebration of Yule than Christmas. A Christmas without Deck the Halls would not be half as jolly though, so whethe

  • Best Children's Christmas Party Songs

    Christmas is a time for universal fun and celebration. Children particularly love the stories and the excitement and no children's Christmas Party would be complete without its Santa or its games. Whether you want songs to sing and play, or tunes for

  • Best Country Christmas Songs

    We all know Christmas is a time of family, and Christmas country music is so much about family! This page puts together some of the best country Christmas songs from the top country singers. Toby Keith, Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood, Paul Brandt, Jo

  • How to Play Away In A Manger

    How many of us learned to sing Away In A Manger for our very first school Nativity Play? How many schools these days even HAVE a Nativity Play? Not enough, is my guess - we are certainly happy to take the time off and like the excuse for giving gifts

  • Learn to Play O Holy Night

    O Holy Night is possibly the most recorded Christmas carol in the world. Its beautiful tune by Adolphe Adam is a classic in itself, and the words bring special meaning to the Christian celebration of Christmas. The wide vocal range makes it a challen

  • Buying a first guitar

    In the run up to Christmas, as pester power kicks in, you might be thinking about buying a child's first guitar. As a first time guitar buyer you are faced with a huge variety of beginner acoustic guitars and budget electric guitars to choose from an

  • Guitar Music From Photahsiamirabel

    This lens is about my guitar music. I love composing and arranging music and modern technology enables me to publish it too. Although e-books certainly seem to be the way forward, and some are proving very popular this Christmas, I still like the fee

  • Jingle Maria

    As a child, I often suffered the glooms in October and November. These were only lifted by the coming Advent season. The school plays, making decorations, Mum making her own Christmas puddings and most of all the preparation for the Carol Concert. Ou

  • Choosing a Music Tutor for Young Children

    Music is something we all have in us - even the 'tone deaf' can be taught by a good tutor! This is about finding the right guitar teacher for your child.At this time of year, so many children are given instruments. It is their heart's desire to play.

Learn to play Lead Guitar

Prizes and Pitfalls for the Intermediate Guitarist

The pages in this section will help you with lead guitar playing. It is easy to learn lead guitar! You can look at the guitarlincs pages for improvising lead guitar, there is more in the way of improvising on Band In A Jam - a junior band project which is guitar centred and focuses on improvising too. Watch out for the blazing hot lead guitar licks on my World's Fastest page - and finally, the pitfalls - do take a look at my page on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (something I hope you will never have to experience!)

Lead Guitar Tutors On Sale At Amazon - Learn to Play Lead Guitar

Here you can search for the best tutors for metal and improvising lead, you can just browse, or look for something more specific by typing in the search box. Have fun!

The cover of my song Vancouver Sunset
The cover of my song Vancouver Sunset | Source

From learning guitar to recording songs

Taking it that step further as an indie artist....

These pages showcase a few recent developments for me. I have spent my life in music. Guitar was my first love and playing the guitar has paid my bills for years but I also compose, sing and record music. These pages just share some of my experiences of production and promotion. My style may be different to yours, but you may find the information helpful when you move from solo performer on the guitar to recording band....

Celtic Dream - Wuthering About in the Rhododendrons.... - A Traditional Air with new lyrics...

I made this video on the advice of Damien Cripps - a twitter friend and fellow singer songwriter. Damien's music is different to mine as you can see, but he is very good. he is based in Australia so I thought I would show him a few rhododendrons. We had a blast trying to make this look dreamy and Pre-Raphaelite....

I hope this page will prove useful to you. I will be adding to it over time and I hope you will visit often. Enjoy your guitar playing - it is a wonderful hobby that can lead to a great career if you work hard and learn as much as you can. Good luck!

© 2010 Lisa Marie Gabriel


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