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Buy A Pink Phone Online - Pretty Pink Phones

Updated on August 30, 2011

A Pink Phone But Which Kind?

If you're looking for a pink phone for the home there are various styles to choose from. All fabulously girlie and most of all, pink!

If you're looking for a classic styled pink phone the Crosley 1950's Princess pink phone is sleek, elegant and stylish.

  • Though it has a rotary dial plate, this pink phone has push buttons
  • An On / Off ringer volume switch
  • Flash / Redial
  • A Tone / Pulse switch
  • And earpiece volume control

The Crosley Pink Kettle Classic Desk Phone is also classic in style and comes in a sleek metallic pink finish.

  • Rotary dial but with push buttons
  • On / Off volume switch
  • Tone / Pulse switch
  • Earpiece volume control

Another pink phone in classic style is the Crosley 1950's Pay Phone in hot pink. This phone is wall mountable, but it can sit on a surface also.

  • Rotary with push buttons
  • Redial
  • Tone / Pulse switch
  • On / Off volume switch
  • Though no coins are needed to make calls, coins can be inserted into a coin bank which has a lock and key.

For a more contemporary look the JWIN JT P33 pink phone is a really affordable choice with a very sleek design.

  • Mute button
  • Flash / Redial
  • On / Off volume switch
  • Earpiece volume control

If your looking for a pink phone that's a little more quirky, the Southern Telecom Fur Phone may just fit the bill! It would definitely be a talking point in any home because how many pink fluffy phones with diamante encrusted handsets do you see?!

  • Call waiting
  • Flash / Redial
  • On /Off volume switch
  • Tone / Pulse switch

Choosing A Pink Phone

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