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The Samsung Nexus S Is The Next Google Phone

Updated on November 20, 2012

The Samsung Nexus S Design

The front of the Samsung Nexus S displays a curved design. This is something Samsung seems to amaze people with, since most are accustomed to flat displays. The curve is expected to be concave in form.

The size is the next notable point. Four to four and a half inches of screen will make this smart phone close to a "tablet" size. In fact, the Dell Streak is using a five inch screen and many already call it a tablet.

Super AMOLED will be the expected material used, not LCD or SLCD material. The resolution is expected to be 480 by 800 pixels or more. All the features like an accelerometer and proximity sensor and other finger inputs will be on this smartphone.

Watch out for the Next Google Phone!

The second Google Phone is almost upon us. Some thought it was going to come from the factories at HTC, but instead, Samsung was selected for the job. Get a better look at the Samsung Nexus S here in this quick article.

The Best Buy "leak" of last month was enough to spark a renewed interest in the existence of a new "Google Phone". Speculation had it that the handset would be originating from the halls of HTC. The leak showed that Samsung will be the company to bring this next edition to market. In fact, the CEO of Google was holding up what must have been the new model in a recent exposé at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco.

T-Mobile will again be chosen to bring the Samsung Nexus S to market.

About the Samsung Nexus S Camera

The camera will be at least eight megapixels in power. This is for the camera on the rear of the device. There will also be a camera on the front for video conferencing.


The rumors circulating around the internet indicate that the Samsung Nexus S will be able to output high definition video in the 720p format. That is getting to be below par already as some ( from Acer ) are already capable of 1080p format.


The mobile world moves fast, so Samsung may up the video capabilities before this smartphone is released to market.

Samsung Nexus S Features

It almost goes without saying that the Samsung Nexus S will have Wi-Fi in all the modes. There is bluetooth, EDGE and others. DLNA ( Digital Living Network Alliance ) will be included as a part of Wi-Fi to avoid having to use a cable to hook up the smartphone to a monitor to send videos.

The Samsung Nexus S will likely be the first smartphone released with the gingerbread version of android. Android is a free, monetarily speaking, operating system available to developers and carriers to use on devices. Some use it on tablet PCs. It is based on Linux and has Java underpinnings as well. Google is in litigation with Oracle to continue using android since Oracle owns Java. The law processes are running slowly, but will confirm or deny to the world if Google is permitted to continue using android. This android version can support NFC technology, which is the ability to pay or acquire payments using an electronic device, such as a smartphone.


Share your thoughts and views about Samsung Nexus S? Is it really the next Google phone?

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