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Most In Demand Skills and Jobs for IT and Computer Science Graduates

Updated on April 14, 2013

Learning the most In-demand Skills for Both IT and Computer Science Graduates

Real life for young adults comes after college graduation, that is what they say. Well, that might be true. In this point of life we realized how hard it is to find a right job, which has a good salary and working environment, without considering a ‘weighty’ qualifications in your CV or resume. Indeed, finding the right job might be hard especially for the new graduates, often than not many are always end up with the lowest paying ones and far away from the career he wants to take, that is why it is very important for us to cultivate the right skills before our graduation or at a least before applying for work.

Kind of Jobs Available for IT and Computer Science Graduates

Before we talk about the in-demand skills let us look on what kinds of job possibilities are available for IT and Comsci Graduates. Surprisingly, there are many jobs available for IT and Comsci professionals, but of course the salaries vary. It depends mainly on ‘what you can do’ and ‘what you can offer’. If you want a job that pays well, then you should consider cultivating fine skills that are most sought by the companies of the 21st century. These skills might not be taught in your college or universities, but we have our own mind to self-study and learn, especially now that almost all we need are available in the web.

When it comes to job hunting, there are different principles actually that programmers and web developers consider on getting their dream job. Other says that if you go and learn a certain skill, which is not popular but still important, then that is where real job with good benefits comes. For example, not too many programmers are learning COBOL programming language but there are large companies and government institutions that are still using applications made on this programming language, so because of the ‘rarity’ of those programmers, the competition will be less and you have a high chance to maintain and evolve those applications according to the increasing need of your client. Hence, because ‘your skill is rare, your value is high’. In some point, this logic is good, but it limits you in some ways, like the number of choices and chances you might have. Unlike, when you go to the most in-demand ones, there are many choices and chances you can have, only the competition is high. If you cannot prove yourself worthy enough those choices and chances would also be limited. So in the end, it is still up to us.

List of Available Jobs for IT and Computer Science Graduates

Common list of available jobs for Computer Science and Information Technology Graduates

1. Software Developer

2. Web Developer

3. Database Manager

4. Networking Manager and Trouble shooter

5. Teaching Degree-related Courses or Academe

6. Costumer Service in Technical Matter on Telecommunication companies

List of In-Demand Skills for IT and Computer Science Graduates

1. Proficient in Java and familiar with its framework

2. Proficient in C or C++ and other programming languages like VB, Phyton, Ruby and objective C

3. Knowledge of JavaScript and related libraries like JQuery

4. Proficient in PHP

5. Knowledge about MySQL and/or Microsoft Access

6. Proficient in HTML, XML and CSS

7. Knowledge about SEO in terms of web developing

8. Technical knowledge on wired and wireless Networking

9. CISCO related skills

10. Proficient in computer and motherboard assembling and trouble shooting

Other in demand skills and jobs might depend on what companies and countries you want to have a job. But those skills are usually what companies are looking for every now and then. That is why it is better to have many skills acquired in order to have a high probability of getting your desired employment.

Piece of Wisdom...

“Go and learn what you love and make yourself shine, because that is where true success comes.” -anonymous millionaire-

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